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As the demand for faster, more efficient warehouse technology increases and truck developments continue, surface regularity specifications help to contribute to warehouse operators peace of mind.

Surface regularity specifications are divided into two main categories according to the type of movement the Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) are able to do.

i) Free Movement (FM) specifications correspond to MHE that may operate in all directions and undefined paths within the facility.

ii) Defined Movement (DM) specifications correspond to MHE that may operate within a defined path, area and direction within the facility. These facilities implement a Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) system.

The most accepted and widely implemented surface regularity specifications and their properties are described in:

Country of Origin Free Movement (FM) Defined Movement (DM)
Great Britain Concrete Society's TR34 Table 4.2 and 4.4 Concrete Society's TR34 Table 4.3 and Appendix C
Germany DIN 18202 Table 3 Groups 3&4 DIN 15185 Tables 1 & 2
USA ASTM Ε 1155 Μ – F numbers F min numbers

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