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Flatness Correction - Upgrade

If the facility is already constructed but does not meet the clients standards for operations, or these standards have changed, then measures need to be taken.

First we need to determine an appropriate specification that is to be followed and is in accordance with the client's needs.

For Defined Movement (VNA) facilities:

A survey of the floor needs to be carried out to determine the areas and extent of the problem. After the survey, remedial grinding is the least invasive and most cost efficient method of achieving the specification without disrupting the day to day operations of the facility. The Laser Grinder (a specifically designed machine) will grind only the areas that are out of spec and carve a new profile on the floor where needed exactly where the truck wheels are in contact with the floor.

A second survey is carried out to certify that the new profile of the floor is in accordance with the specification and a certificate is issued to the client.

The advantages of this procedure are immediately obvious as the trucks now can operate at full speed without any concerns for safety, increasing productivity and minimizing costs.

For Free Movement facilities:

Since the trucks can move everywhere on the floor and not on predetermined paths the whole area needs to be tackled. A screed can be applied (magnesite or cementitious) or grinding of the whole area can be used to achieve the specification.

...ensuring the success of the floor construction