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Jointless floors

It is common that modern distribution centers use fast moving MHE (Materials Handling Equipment) that have very small wheels (often 80mm in diameter). This combination is not suited for floors with saw cut joints because every time the MHE (Materials Handling Equipment) run over them both the edges of the joints and the wheels of the MHE (Materials Handling Equipment) are damaged. This situation only deteriorates with time leading in increased maintenance cost both on the floor that will eventually need repairs and the MHE (Materials Handling Equipment) that will need their wheels replaced much sooner.

Eurolit is able to offer expert advice on design and implementation of jointless floors that lack the above hazards. Concrete mix design, steel fiber type, dosage, mixing techniques, local reinforcement schemes and pour area dimension properties have to be recalculated to suit the requirements for a jointless floor.

It is worth noting that some cracks may appear in jointless floors but their occurrence and width are much less when compared to a saw cut designed floor and only pose an aesthetic and not a structural or operations issue.

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