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VNA Warehouse Efficiency

Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) warehouses provide about 40% more storage capacity compared to Reach Truck warehouses. However for their operation to be efficient, the traveling speed of VNA forklifts must always be at their maximum, depending on each model�s specification.

Besides new warehouses construction, we at EUROLIT collaborate globally with VNA Warehouse Managers to check the existing operating conditions and explore the margins for increasing their efficiency.

We give answers to questions such as:

1. How much could the productivity be increased, in any VNA warehouse, with its existing racking dimensions, VNA forklifts, existing staff and working hours, (pallets / hour).
2. How much would the additional training of the staff, the better utilization of the forklifts automation systems and the improvement of the floor flatness contribute to the increase of productivity.
3. How much is the productivity loss due to the above reasons.
4. How efficient is the warehouse currently.
5. Is it worth making the necessary investment for improvements?

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VNA Warehouse surfaces of our Projects vary from 2,000 m2 to 45,000 m2
VNA forklifts in use by our Clients, include: Jungheinrich, Crown, Linde, Still, Toyota