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Joint repair

The most worrying situation when discussing joint problems is their inability to transfer moving loads between the adjacent slabs. When the MHE (Materials Handling Equipment) reach over the joint their load is not uniformly distributed in both adjacent slabs at the same time, but only imposed in one side causing the section to shift downwards and the other section to remain still resulting in an elevation difference between the adjacent sections. Every time the MHE (Materials Handling Equipment) is moving over the joint their small wheels have to cope with this elevation difference resulting in excessive wheel and various electronic component wear. The slab also suffers from this inconvenience. The gap amongst the adjacent slabs widens deteriorating over time leading to even greater safety hazards.

Eurolit introduces a minimal invasive and patented method (Joint Stabilizer) to bond the adjacent slabs and make them move as one eliminating the problem.

...ensuring the success of the floor construction